Delta Translation Group – Delta Translation Group (Delta Development Group Ltd.) is a universal company of professional translators and translation project managers, editors, linguists and translators – as a translation organization.

Translation Company – Delta Translation Group since 2014 have been providing services in the linguistic world of diverse languages. Our main activities are translation services , both written and oral , editing , preparation of research and analytical papers on foreign experience and cases, localization, lexicographical activities , management of life-long training programs and professional development courses.

The clients of the company are leading law, insurance, auditing and financial companies, diplomatic missions of foreign countries accredited in Georgia and international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, major construction companies and joint stock companies, as well as foreign partners.

Our team consists of excellent graduates of the following educational institutions: Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Georgia State University of the United States, Sokhumi University, Ilia State University, China State University, Tbilisi State Pedagogical University, Berlin Technical University , etc. After completing the training, our team members became involved in translation and linguistic activities in Georgian, Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian langauges and etc. Collaborated as an international translator and worked with international and local organizations.

At present, the translation experience of our leading specialists in the fields of legal, technical , engineering, medical , scientific, commercial, computer, information security, etc. is more than 10 years. During Delta’s existence, we have established the best business partnerships with highly known and trusted brands that are happy to recommend us.

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It is noteworthy that Ltd. Delta Development Group is the owner of one of the largest complete English-Georgian and Georgian-English dictionaries. This database was created by the company in 2014 and includes terms of finance, technology, medicine, law and practice, and more than 40 related fields. A search system has been created, which, in addition to Georgian-English equivalents, offers word definitions and examples from well-known dictionaries such as: Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton University Lexical Data Base. A reference-search system has been created, which is posted on the company’s website The dictionary is constantly updated in parallel with the development of our practice and linguistic sciences. In 2021, thanks to the goodwill of Mr. Donald Rayfield, Professor of Queen Mary University of London, a two-volume dictionary of a Georgian-English dictionary published by Garnett Publishing in London has been added to the dictionary

Delta Translation Group also owns parallel English and Georgian language parallel corpora with over a million language enigmas. Database search engine is located at:

In 2014-2022 we published the following specialized dictionaries: 

  • English-Georgian Dictionary of Insurance Terms
  • English-Georgian Dictionary of Economics and Finance
  • English-Georgian Dictionary of Legal Terms
  • Georgian-English Dictionary of Medical Terms
  • Dictionary of Translation terms
  • English-Georgian Dictionary of Technical Terminology
  • English-Georgian Terms of Tourism
  • English-Georgian Dictionary of Architecture Terms


Electronic versions of dictionaries are available at the e-book store in Saba , as well as the Library of Digital Editions of the Parliament of Georgia in Iveriel:


Our website – You will find Georgian and English versions of legislative acts. It includes codes, laws, normative acts and by-laws, instructions, etc. of Georgia  Texts in English and in Georgian. In addition, the linguistic databases of these translations are regularly updated.

The mission of our translation organization, united by a professional mark, is to support the development of the field of translation services through the introduction of modern technological and lexicographical methods in Georgia.

Our task is to offer users a complete translation service in more than 60 languages of the world. This offer should be less than the market price and thanks to the exclusive features, technologies used and the effect of scale.

Delta Translation Group (LTD Development Group Limited Liability Company  has been on the white list of suppliers of the LEPL State Procurement Agency for the provision of translation and interpreting services.

Delta Translation Group Values:
  • Perfect translation service and loyal attitude towards each client;
  • Modern and innovative customized service packages;
  • Professional staff, continuous training, dissemination of knowledge and experience.

On behalf of Delta Translation Group Management, we would like to thank our loyal customers and staff who have contributed to the success of Delta Translation Group. We plan for stable growth and development in coming years, for which we will devote our effort and professionalism.

For more information about our activities, please see our publications:

Delta Translation Group

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Sincerely hope for a mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with you!

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University of Georgia

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