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The process of receiving the final product at Delta Translation Group:

Each organization has its own policy in the direction of staff selection and qualification. Nowadays Georgian higher education system does not provide the product of the specialists in the direction of translation that they are ready to work in the translation organization. In particular, universities do not have modern technological parties of translation, as well as sectoral specialization is quite weak. To overcome this problem, Delta translation group is going through a new employee after training and professional training courses:

SDL Trados course for written translations (practice of working with cat systems)

• Legal terminology and translation

• Technical terminology and translation

• Medical terminology and translation

• Basics of Georgian language stylistic and lexicography for translators

• Archicad, Photoshop, Corel Draw for Technical documentation translators

• Course of the methodology of oral translation for translators

Already experienced staff who promoted on the editor’s position from the position of the language specialist will provide a continuous transfer of knowledge. Also, over the years their duty is to continually update the electronic storage of the correct terms and ensure its use in the translation process.


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