Written translation

Written translation refers to the content translation of documents, publications, books, reports, engineering projects, web pages, and so on from one language to another in written form
Delta Translation Group offers Written into the following languages:

RussianTurkishUzbek and other Central Asian languages
FrenchBulgarianBengali (Bangladeshi)
AzerbaijanJapaneseHindi and its dialects  

Our services covers the following fields and directions:

 *   Law


 Financial Documentation

 *   Architecture and construction

 * Business texts and business literature

 * Banking and insurance

 * Training and educational materials

 Energy Industry

 *   Medical and technical literature

In addition to the standard translation services, Delta Translation Group offers compiling the specialized dictionaries for your field of interest.  Also to draft standard document templates in your organization in any European language.

Analytical-integrative activities of a translator

Analytical-integration activities is more than translation services and involves research on specific issues – based on foreign experience, based on the experience of specific countries. Each translation, in turn, is analytical in the sense that high-quality translation is impossible without analyzing the content of the original (informational orientation) and is integrative in the sense that translation involves not only segmenting information but integrating it into a wider field of activity.


We meet to every the requests of our customers, significantly exceeding their expectations