Technical translation

Technical and Engineering translations

Translation Company “Delta Translation Group” offers translation of engineering projects from Georgian to English and translation from English into Georgian:


·       Explanatory Parts

·       Architectural part

·       Constructive part

·       General and detailed specifications

·       Planning

·       Geology

·       Settlement plans

·       Environmental plans

·       Cost and volume estimations

·       Technical and economic feasibility studies

Translated documents are delivered by the way convenient to you.  Documentation to be translated shall be sent in the form of Drawings and plans in AutoCAD or ArchiCAD format (DWG, PLN), costing – Excel format so that the English translation is fully applicable to the source file.

Peculiarities of technical translation

A technical text Translation at first glance seems simple due to the lack of need for artistic decoration of the words, but in reality it requires much greater mastery. The translation should convey the author’s opinion correctly and preserve the peculiarities of his style as much as possible. However, in order to understand the translated text correctly, the translator must have a good understanding of the given information (the subject described in the text) and the foreign language terminology related to it.

The main characteristics of the technical style are the precise clarity of the transmission, clearly defined sentences, the conciseness of the form. When performing the translation, the translator must fully and accurately convey the author’s opinion, give it an acceptable technical style that will be more acceptable to those interested in the language of translation.

The main feature of technical translation is that the translator must not only know all the terms of a particular technical field and understand the essence of the work, but also must take into account all the nuances contained in the text. Therefore the translator must be a highly qualified, versatile specialist. All scientific-technical documents have the main features. It is the precise and laconic nature of the transmission, Data banks of terminology, the strict maintenance, the clear, logical sequence of information, one of the importance and specificity of the explanation of the facts.

In the Delta Translation Group, technical translation is provided by specialists with relevant education and at least 5 years of experience, and editing by at least 7 years of experience, who is also fluent in the following programs: InDesign, Corel Draw, ArchiCAD.

For more information, see the English-Georgian Dictionary of Architectural Terms:

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