Data Banks of Terminology
Glosaary Bank

Data Banks of Terminology​:

  • EUROPRAN CENTRAL BAK – Glossary of terms / includes the definitions of terms related to banking supervision and finances


  • Consolidate European Terminology, Dictionary of bilingual and multinational (42 languages, 14,556,304 terms by 2021), including the Georgian language, mainly legislative terms: 

URL: Euroterbank

  • The Canadian government’s linguistic data bank TERMIUM Plus® (Government of Canada’s linguistic data Bank). English, French, and Spanish languages

URL: or

  • Grand Dictionnaire terminologique (Government of Quebec’s

Terminology data bank). English and French. Free.

EuroDicAutom (European Union’s terminology data bank).

Multilingual. Free.

Termite (International Telecommunication Union’s Terminology

Database). Multilingual. Free.

LOGOS terminology data bank. Multilingual. Free.

TERMDAT (Government of Switzerland terminology database).

Multilingual. Free.

2 Vocabularies, Glossaries, Dictionaries

A Web of on-line Dictionaries. English. Free.

Dictionary of English acronyms. English. Free.


Voilà portal. French. Free.

The Microsoft Glossaries. English. Free.

Bilingual electronic dictionaries, sorted by source language. French.


Oxford English Dictionary. English. Annual subscription.

Babylon, an automatic multilingual dictionary. Multilingual. Free.

3 Encyclopedia

Hachette encyclopedia. French. Free.

Encyclopedia Britannica on-line. English. Free.

Webopedia: On-line Computer Dictionary for Internet terms.

English. Free.

Glosaary Bank
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