Simultaneous translation and sound equipment


 Equipment provided by the Delta Translation Group for simultaneous translator services is Danish production and meets international and EU standards. Infrared receiver headphones of sound provides the voice transmission without so called “White Noise” with high quality.



Also, simultaneous and consecutive translation services can be delivered using Zoom (Zoom interpretation Module), Microsoft teams or Google Meet software package.


The synchronous translation hardware includes the following components:

·       Central control panel

·       Radiator

·       Transmitter

·       Interpreter booth

·       Microphones

·       Interpreter remote control device

·       Infrared receiver

·       Headset

·       Radio microphone

·       Mixer

·       Speakers

·       Equipment installation and technical services


We will provide the designing of conferences, meetings, presentations, concept of events and plans;

Evaluation and budget of the event;

Considering the subject, provide professional translators of the event;

Installation and technical provision of conference equipment;

Event / Conference space design;

Audio / video recording of the Conference procession;


Organizing of video Conference;


Events in online space


Provision of simultaneous and consecutive translation service in virtual space (Zoom Interpretation Module), Microsoft teams or Google Meet software packages are important to have a event-processed video record, with the appropriate video scyptor in the appropriate format.

Delta Translation Group, besides the professional translation services offers video recordings, video and audio processing and preparation for presentation. 


We meet to every the requests of our customers, significantly exceeding their expectations