Medical translation

Translation of medical documents and texts


The Delta Translation Group translates medical texts (guidelines, manuals and reference literature) and medical records.


Translation of medical records includes the following subfields: Pharmaceutical, medical-biological, biochemical, allergology, surgery, rhinoplasty, urology, angiology, histology, hematology, genetics and virology, otorhinolaryngology, cardiology, toxicology, gastroenterology, dermatology, dermatology, medical We complete the translation of medical texts and documents of any
complexity, ending with scientific articles and studies ranging from medication instructions and guidelines.

Our translation samples: 

Blood Donor Management Guide

A guide to the use and quality assurance of blood components

 According to the specifics of the
specific order, the translation and editing with us is carried out by employees who have at least 5 years of translation experience in the given field, medical education and the highest level of language skills. Thanks to our professionalism, many years of experience and double quality control, we provide qualified translation of any kind of medical documentation.


Our company offers translation
services for the following documents:


    Form 100 translation
    Translation of the patient’s medical card
    Translation of laboratory tests
    Translation of consultation cards
    Translation of medical findings
    Translation of diagnoses
    Notarization of drug instructions and certification
    Translation of scientific articles
    Translation of studies
    Translation of analyzes
                 Translation of health status information (so-called psycho)
    Translation of medical-biological research results

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Translation Memories are used in large volumes of texts and in documents to achieve terminological and stylistic unity. If you decide to use our medical translation service, please send the translation materials / texts /documentation to our e-mail for pricing.

Prices are determined by the total number of characters in the text. You can also visit our service office to find out the pricing and translation deadlines, the address can be found on our website, in the contact information section.


We meet to every the requests of our customers, significantly exceeding their expectations