In practice, there are often cases when we do not know in advance how useful this or that text may be translated in full , for this you can not translate the full text in advance and use the briefing service. The main difference between the results obtained and the price of the service is:

When you need the full text and you know about it in advance

When you want to know only specified content

When you want to extract the basic idea of a document

Complete Translation:




Meaningful translation differs from " accurate translation " only in that it requires more time in this method of translation

This method of translation makes the original text adapted to the needs of customer.

Accurate translation

Accurate restoration of the contextual meaning of the original text within the grammatical structures of the translation language . Usually the work done by this method of translation is more expensive than the other two .



The main content of the text of the original language is provided and less accuracy is given to the original . The work done by this method fromaccurate translation ” is usually 10-15% lower than the price .



Regardless of the style , form, and content of the original, it is largely an adaptation of the text . The work done by this method fromaccurate translation is usually 15-25% lower than the price


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