Editing refers to an existing Translation: Correction of style, spelling, terms, and ensuring the relevance to the original. This is especially active to academic texts Of Papers and publications that will have multiple uses in the future.

Often even good language connoisseurs, for whom the translated foreign language is not a native language, have a problem with the natural style of the foreign language, which is why the final editing is done by a native language speaker with an appropriate academic degree. The editing fee depends on the level of accuracy of the existing text and the field of specialization. Specializations that are realistically rare require a relatively high cost as in this case the text is sent to the staff of our partner overseas universities.


The correction is the first step of the full editing, the difference is as follows (for example in English):

Changes in the original textCorrectionEditing
Grammatical aspects
Proper use of the passive and Active Voice
Correct use of Capital and lower case letters
Terms and phrases
Adapt text to British or American style
Improve readability, integrity and consistency
Logical connection of paragraphs and sentences
Quotes on changing the style, tonality, structure of selected words and sentences
Suggest removing mental repetitions with less function
Proper use of units of measurement and formatting
Determine the relevance of the presented data and graphic material to the conclusions given in the text


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