Literary translation

When translating marketing texts or fiction, the main focus is on the exact style and expression of thought, on a semantic and cultural level. Both fiction and non-fiction text are woven into words and phrases. But unlike a fiction, a non-fiction text is a text of a purely informative nature – without any emotion-provoking coloration; Whereas in a fictional text, the main essence is not the information, but its form, the art of word combination, which should have an aesthetic-emotional impact on the reader. However, just as in the fictional text there are uncarved places of a purely informative nature, so in the non-fictional text we find “oases” with an artistic function.

Any translation is, first of all, the main task of the participating literary translation is to determine its adequacy and to determine the general ways of achieving it. For the identity of the original and translation texts, in addition to the communicative purpose and the unity of the respective expressions contained in them, it is also necessary the identity of the words that make up these expressions and the syntactic relations between them.




In the Delta Translation Group, we translate works of art – literature into major European languages. In the process
of translation, we actively use linguistic corpus due to the diverse vocabulary of literary texts


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