Mission, values and tasks
Our Mission

As a professional organization, the mission of Delta Translation Group is to support the development of translation industry in Georgia through the introduction of modern technological and lexicographical methods. 

Our Tasks

Our task is to offer customers a complete translation service in 60 languages of the world. This service offered by Delta to be of lower price compared to the average market price and thanks to the exclusive, used technologies and scale effect.  

Our Values

Quality as the supreme goal in every process

We are constantly striving to make our activities continuous stages of quality improvement and technological advancement. 

Modern Management Skills

We value and recognize that your level of satisfaction with the quality of service is driven by effective resource management. 

Good Faith

We are direct and honest, our maximum effort is directed towards the fulfillment of the imposed obligations.  

Team Work

We work together to achieve a common goal and share experiences for the development of the translation services industry. 

On behalf of Delta Translation Group Management, we thank our dedicated customers and staff who have contributed to the success of Delta Translation Group. We plan for stable growth and development in the coming years, for which we will spare no effort and professionalism.

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