Legal translation

Delta Translation Group translates legal documents, laws and legal literature, and notarizes the translation . Our experience includes translating documents to be submitted to international courts (European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court) as well as to international commercial arbitration.

Delta Translation Group translates the following types of documentation:

  • Contracts (supply of goods, services, labor, lease, leasing, etc.)
  • Court Provisions
  • Legislation
  • Administrative acts
  • Reference publications
  • References, certificates

See Dictionary of Legal Terms Published by Delta Translation Group (Saba E-Book Store):

About dictionary:

The English-Georgian Dictionary of Legal Terms contains up to 6,000 lexical items (terms, phrases, high-frequency short sentences in legal texts). The dictionary contains both English and separate high-frequency Latin terms. The terms presented covers international human rights law, as well as criminal, civil and administrative law. The source of the dictionary is the already published academic dictionaries, as well as the phrases and terms taken directly from the translation practice, which we have encountered with high frequency in recent years in translations performed for a number of private and public organizations.


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