Notarization of the translated document

Notarization of translation implies taking full legal responsibility for the translated document, its accuracy and content. The translated document is signed directly by our employee, as well as our seal is applied.

  1. Notarization
  2. At the request of the customer , the company provides notarization of the translated document and registration of the notarized document in the electronic register.
  • The cost of notarizing the document
  • The cost of notarization of one page is 2 GEL and 36 Tetri, including taxes and the fee for registration of one translated document in the electronic register is 2 GEL.
  • Delivery of translated and notarized documents
  • Our company offers several alternatives for providing translated and notarized documents:
  • The translation can be delivered electronically by sending an e-mailed version of the notarized document.
  • Delivery by mail to Georgia and all over the world, in case of request for this serviceBy invoicegiven
  • Courier service, in case of request of the mentioned service, its cost will be provided by invoice

Legal basis:

According to the Law of Georgia on Notaries, Chapter IV Notarial Act and Basic Requirements for Its Execution, Article 38. Notarial action 1. The notary performs the following notarial acts: H) verifies the correctness of the translation of the document from one language to another;

According to Article 56 of the Order of the Minister of Justice of Georgia №2359 (On Approval of the Instruction on the Rules of Execution of Notarial Acts “):  Verification of the correctness (accuracy) of the translation

1 A notary certifies the correctness of a translation from one language to another if the notary knows both languages.

2 If the notary does not know the language in which the document is translated, the notary verifies only the authenticity of the signature on the translator’s statement about the correctness (accuracy) of the translation. The notary is obliged to indicate in the confirmation form that he only verifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature.

3 The translation must be attached to the original or a copy of the document, the translation must be signed by a translator. The document must be bound in the manner prescribed by this instruction.

4 The translator is obliged to submit a document certifying his / her qualification to the notary. Submission of a qualification document is not mandatory if the translator is accredited by a competent administrative body to translate official documents for the purposes of apostille (legalization). The notary is obliged to warn the translator about the liability established in case of incorrect translation. The notary form shall indicate the fulfillment of the notice obligation and the qualification of the translator. Photocopying of a translator certification document is not required for translation.

Legislative Herald of Georgia – State Registration Code


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