Oral translation

Interpreting involves both consecutive and simultaneous translation from one language to another through oral communication.

Delta Translation Group offers translation into the following languages:

RussianTurkishUzbek and other Central Asian languages
FrenchBulgarianBengali (Bangladeshi)
AzerbaijanJapaneseHindi and its dialects

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Our experience covers both the public and private sectors equally. The need for translation services in the public sector is defined by the Constitution of Georgia. The Constitution of Georgia obliges the state to ensure the right to use the institute of translator for those who do not know the state language. Article 53 of the Criminal Code of Georgia describes in detail the circumstances that constitute a necessary precondition for the translator’s participation in the criminal case. “According to this article, the investigator or the prosecutor shall issue a ruling on summoning an interpreter, and the court shall issue a ruling.” It should be noted that the other participant in the process is not allowed to perform the duties of a translator, the translation activity should be performed only by the translator. On the other hand, the expansion of public and private sector activities in the international arena requires professional translation services, which is one of the necessary conditions for involvement in the global world.


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