Professional translation of websites and applications

Translation of websites, applications and programs

The Delta Translation Group translates web pages and applications using the specialized program SDL Passolo, which avoids the long process of copying and pasting into MS Word, MS Excel documents, thus maximizing time and reducing possible errors in incorrect text overlays.

In the modern global world, it is important to spread information about your activities beyond national borders. Also the information on your products and activities  to be easily accessible by the international organizations and companies that operate in our country and therefore consume the products and services.

ShortOverview::From the order to the final product

What should we pay attention to when translating web pages into a foreign language?

Every web page consists of a defined volume of text. The website is not only text, but also a set of graphic objects, including buttons, banners, logos, drawings, the translation of which must also be done with maximum accuracy, in the relevant field using the localization approaches.  In terms of web page text, it is also a feature of the so-calledRepetitive Segments. In this regard, it is important to preserve both the relevance and the unity of the terms. From a financial point of view, you do not have to pay extra for repetitive segments (terms, phrases, sentences, paragraphs).

We offer:

  • Professional translation of complete content of websites, applications
  • Advertising articles, press releases, news, etc. from any foreign language into Georgian or vice versa.
  • The translation is done with the most customized technology. You can see the final product in any Internet browser, in HTML format, you will reduce the time you need to copy and move texts in MS Word and MS Excel.
  • With us you achieve significant savings, you do not pay what service costs for duplicate segments, which is usually 10-15% of the text


We meet to every the requests of our customers, significantly exceeding their expectations