Analytical Research /Studying the Successful Cases

Analytical research refers to the analytical search of information on a specific required issue by a particular country and /or region. Examples of such analytical research are:  Practice of regulation of joint stock companies in France, practice of regulation of limited liability companies in Germany, regulation of state-owned enterprises under Polish law, etc.

Before conducting a research on the issue, you will be informed about the possibility of conducting such a research, the terms and price, the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the possible results.

When conducting analytical research, the search for and translation of relevant valid and reliable materials is carried out from several sources, therefore this service is on average 15% more expensive than translation.

Please see as an example the analytical research / examples of foreign experience we have conducted in recent years:

E-Government Structures – Experience of Belgium and the Netherlands

The method of selecting a jury in Norway

The method of selecting a jury in the UK

Publicity of Judgments – Spanish Practice


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